Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Day 116: Karishma is unhappy with her boyfriend; Rahul has always been a faithful husband!

Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Day 116: Karishma is unhappy with her boyfriend; Rahul has always been a faithful husband!
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The temperature inside the Bigg Boss house has been flaring up with rehashed emotions and new found affections. Both the teams are leaving no stone unturned to exercise their control over the house.

Dimpy breaks down after witnessing the intense call between Karishma and Rahul. She runs and hugs Rahul as tears roll down her eyes. The emotional outburst of Dimpy mixed with embarrassment and guilt affects the other housemates also terribly. Rahul assures Dimpy that he knows what he is doing and that nobody in this lifetime can say or do anything that can turn his life around.

Dimpy is very upset with Karishma for making the luxury budget task, ‘Bigg Boss Ka Call Centre’ her platform to justify herself and seek clarification from Rahul. Karishma continues to showcase her outburst on Rahul in front of Upen with pride. Gautam, Mahek, Sambhavna, and Sana support Rahul and state that Karishma crossed a line by using a task for her personal satisfaction.

Karishma comes to Dimpy to solve things between them. But Dimpy is upset thinking that things which would have solved in call state of mind got delayed up unnecessarily.

Dimpy speaks to Mahek about her strained relationship with Rahul. She says that Rahul have always been a faithful husband. Dimpy also says that when she used to be out of town, Rahul never left home without her. Karishma should also understand that her boyfriend is also watching and she should also maintain the distance.

Mahek says that Karishma understands late.

Rahul then confronts Karishma saying that whatever he said was just fun and she shouldn’t take it to heart. They both patch up.

On the 116th day housemates wake to a romantic number “Kitne bhi tu karle sitam” and we see Dimpy and Rahul dance together.

In the washroom area Upen tells Karishma that she looks very pretty in the morning without makeup.

Ali starts to sing suddenly and Sambhavna and Sana beg to Dimpy to make him stop sing.

Bigg Boss asks Captain Karishma to announce the winning team of the luxury budget task. Karishma declares ‘The Challengers’ as the winners for their patience and perseverance during the intense telephone calls they came across in the task.

Sambhavna is given the responsibility to name a person who performed well in the task. The ace challengers of the house struggle to come to a conclusion as to whom they find the best performing contestant of the task.

When asked by Bigg Boss, Sambhavna says that they are unable to name the best performer unanimously. But after sometime she names herself as the best performer. Bigg Boss then asks Karishma to name the worst performer. Karishma finds herself in the midst of yet another critical decision of announcing the worst performing contestant among the Champions. She names Dimpy. Karishma names Dimpy as the worst performer. Dimpy disagrees. She feels Karishma is using her as a tool and using her as per her convenience. And then Dimpy and Sambhavna exchange their teams.

Karishma and Upen’s growing fondness for each other. Karishma and Upen converse and Upen tells that his heart is with Karishma and Karishma tells that he is her type.

Dimpy reveals to Sambhavna that Karishma is not happy with her boyfriend and Upen had proposed to her before the final episode was shot. Looks like Karishma too, is looking out for options.

Even while some think it is a game plan Karishma and Upen still seem to be aloof and are living in their own sweet bubble full of affection.

Will the bubble burst? What new happens in Karishma and Upen’s love track? To know more, keep reading this space.