‘Bigg Boss 8’ Day 4: Ego hassles begin in the Kitchen; Nominations process leaves all stunned!

‘Bigg Boss 8’ Day 4: Ego hassles begin in the Kitchen; Nominations process leaves all stunned!

Kitchen politics begin…

At 10 am in the morning, Soni and Karishma bitch about Gautam’s last night’s brash attitude in the kitchen. They also include Diandra in their bitchy takes. Upen too takes part in the talk but he chooses to remain neutral by being a listener. Karishma says that if Gautam wants to cook for himself then he could have gone ahead instead of pulling a long face. She further says that she and other girls did not get any pleasure slogging in the kitchen, thereby, complaining that Gautam’s behaviour was unwarranted.

Karishma and Soni discuss making dal, chapati, rice and vegetable for lunch. Diandra comes to know about this while hanging out in the kitchen are and she hides her displeasure for her food menu. Karishma tauntingly tells Diandra to ask men to know what they would like to eat by stressing upon Gautam’s name along with mentioning Arya and Upen.

Diandra goes to speak to the inmates sitting inside the aircraft and she begins asking them if they are fine eating rice for dinner and roti for lunch. The contestants (Sukirti, Upen, Sushant, Gautam) dislike the idea of eating rice for dinner and one of them is asked by Diandra to go and convey their collective wish to Karishma. (Diandra does not go herself to convey the message faking an aching leg to avoid getting caught in an argument with Karishma)

The SS gets intimation from BB to punish those contestants who are breaking the ground rules.

The SS corners Gautam for sleeping during day time and Sonali for speaking in English despite being warned again and again.

They are order the wayward contestants to stand up in the garden area without speaking to anyone.

Late afternoon, Soni and Sushant badmouth Diandra for her sarcastic comments related cooking, while Upen listens to their conversation.

In the evening, nominations process begin as per the Bigg Boss’s wish and the Secret Society members are given the right to choose 2 other inmates for nominations whowill be directly nominated by BB.

During the nominations round in the garden area, the contestants are told to pick the picture of the person they want to nominate and burn it right before the nominated contestant.

Karishma chooses Sukirti for lack of connection and Natasa for her dissimilar food preferences

Diandra – Sonali and Praneet for lack of connection

Minissha – Natasa, because the housemates have to worry for her food and Hindi skills and Sonali lack of connection

Upen – Sukirti because of the misunderstanding (tiff) happened between them on Day 2 and Natasa for different food habits

Soni – Natasa for her different food habits and Sonali for lack of connection

Praneet – Diandra for lack of enough conversation and Sukirti for lack of connection

Arya – Sonali for teasing her during the Khane Ki Kurbani task on Day 2 and Natasa for her different food choices

Gautam – Sukirti for lack of bonding and Praneet for his bossy attitude

Sushant – Arya and Gautam for not being comfortable with him

Sukirti – Natasa for her foreign food habits and Praneet for lack of connection

Sonali – Diandra for lack of connection and hair scary hair colour and Arya for misunderstanding her during his Khane Ki Kurbani task

Natasa – Sukirti and Karishma for lack of connection

Clearly, Natasa and Sukirti got the most number of votes.

However, the SS chose utilizing their BB given power and choose two other contestants as direct entrants into the list of nominees.

They are:

Sonali – for not behaving well with other girls

Gautam – for not behaving well in his tasks and other daily activities

Afterwards, a shocked Praneet tells Arya and Minissha during a post-nominations conversation that the Secret Society means serious business from the housemates and they are the controllers of everyone in the jungle-like house.

Around 11.15 pm, the BB camera captures Karishma and Soni gossiping about Diandra and how her feet are off the ground after getting special attention from a much-younger Gautam Gulati. They discuss that Diandra knows that the fling won’t last for long yet she is unable to control herself from getting swayed. They also discuss the possibility of Natasa getting evicted in the first week while Sonali may go after her. They predict that Sukirit could be the 3rd person to be chucked out. They include their own names in the list of contestants who will stay for long in the house and tag Upen as the long-runner in BB8.

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