‘Bigg Boss 8’ Day 12: Gautam cornered again by housemates unreasonably; Arya takes dig at Sonali’s character!

‘Bigg Boss 8’ Day 12: Gautam cornered again by housemates unreasonably; Arya takes dig at Sonali’s character!

The day begins with Bigg Boss handing out the task of the week to none other than Sonali Raut, whose sudden re-entry has caused a stir in the house.

The task gets named ‘Xpose’, going by Sonali’s namesake Hindi film. In the task, Sonali is asked to rate the housemates according to their ‘Soorat’ (looks) and ‘Niyat’ (motive).

Sonali assembles with other contestants in the garden area and she begins the first part of the task i.e. ‘Soorat’.

She calls out Gautam’s name first and he happily comes forth. Other contestants make awkward faces and give the thumbs down kinda expressions.

Sonali reasons that she chose Gautam as the one with the best ‘Soorat’ for his 8 pack abs that she finds appealing. And she chooses Puneet Issar as the least good looking contestant ‘coz of his hairy legs that put her off!

Next, Sonali picks up contestants with the best ‘Niyat’ in descending order.

Sushant (best)












Soni Puneet (least)

Once she gets done with the rating process, Sonali reasons that she picked Sushant as the best person owing to his good guy attitude. And she also says that Puneet deserves to be at the bottom of the list ‘coz he could not take a particular stand when the Hijack task went wrong and he often tries playing safe with everyone by calling the inmates as “beta, beta”.

Sonali’s comments offend Puneet and he clarifies before others then and there that he took Karishma’s side because it is his nature to stand up for the right thing. He also says that if anyone (read: Sonali) feels that he is without a backbone that it is her problem.

Everyone clap for Puneet after hearing his reply to Sonali and cheer him up.

Then after, BB announces another task in which two inmates are asked to get inside a glass-walled cabin kept in the garden area and collect as much money as they can in a given time. As the task begins, Arya and Praneet get inside the cabin and gather cash flowing in the air blowing in. By the end of the task, the duo collect sufficient money to buy items needed for household use.

BB gives his go-ahead to the contestants to shop online for the things which they think they would need in the house. The contestants buy daily essentials like double bed, clothing iron, refrigerator and other domestic items. The ordered things arrive inside the house and the inmates soak into the joyous atmosphere of Dusherra.

As the day passes, Gautam is shown flirting with Sonali while doing kitchen chores. Sonali compares his looks with Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr. which flatters him. Gautam checks out himself in the mirror and continues doing so for a while. Sukirti hears Gautam and Sonali’s conversation while washing the dishes. She passes a sly remark on Gautam for his comparison with Robert Downey Jr. Gautam feels bad at Sukirti’s comment and asks her to stay away. The duo get into an argument and Gautam ends up calling Sukirti “fake” ‘coz she shared a good rapport with him during his good times and has stepped back now owing to his hard times.

Sukirti gets agitated listening to Gautam calling her “fake.” She goes inside the bedroom and begins narrating her woes to Upen, Arya and other members of Deepshika’s team. All of them form a group and go to Gautam to set things straight.

Well, in reality they corner him and Arya leads the talk. He tells him to toe the line while dealing with the women in the house. While talking to Gautam, Arya speaks in a bitter ad sarcastic tone Meanwhile, Deepshika too joins the scene. She first asks Sukirti to speak for herself which she does with not much honesty. Then after, Gautam requests others to make his stand clear. However, no one agrees to accept his explanation and start throwing barbs at him for his continuous offensive behaviour towards girls. Pritam takes notice of Gautam’s helplessness and defends his action. He lashes at the apathy of the inmates towards Gautam for cornering him repeatedly and blaming him for every misdeed.

A big fight ensues inside the house when Deepshika takes offence for Pritam’s defensive stand in favour of Gautam. Gautam gets upset with the happening and asks Pritam not to defend him. The members of Deepshika’s team force him to apologise to Sukirti and he complies to end the matter.

Arya takes further dig at Gautam for his flirty behaviour. He says that some time back he was with another girl (Diandra) and now he is with another (Sonali). Arya also gives a scathing remark at Sonali’s character ‘coz she is now paying heed to Gautam.

Sonali puts up a strong front and confronts Arya for nitpicking her for hanging out with Gautam. She tells him that he is no one to decide who she should talk to and he words were not good as he meant portraying her character in bad light. After much arguing, Arya (without feeling least sorry) apologises to Sonali by folding his hands. But Sonali refuses to accept his apology saying that he always commits an error and then says sorry. (remember the episode when Arya ordered Sonali to leave her seat for Puneet?)

Later, Minissha goes to speak to Sushant, Pritam and Sonali who are eating at the dining table. She speaks up her mind against Arya’s offensive words for Sonali and says that if saying is enough to solve the matter then even Gautam should be forgiven for misbehaving with Karishma. Sushant tells Minissha that he did chided Arya for speaking in that manner. The Minissha states that had Sonali not taken Arya’s comment sportingly, then there would have been another big issue on modesty in the house. “Yeh to wahi baat hui na ki aap mini skirt pehente ho to aap bure ho. Aap ek ladki ko defend karte ho to doosri ki insult karte ho.(it means that if you wear a mini skirt then you are a bad girl. You defend one girl and then you insult another.)”, says Minissha referring to Arya’s remarks for Sonali.

On the other hand, Deepshika starts her own drama by breaking down into (crocodile) tears inside the bedroom after taking offense at Pritam’s comments in favour of Gautam. Upen, Diandra and Arya take notice of Deepshika’s tears and they console her. Deepshika tells them that Pritam was fine while he was with her in the Secret Society but now he is showing different colours.

However, she calms down when others cheer her up.

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