‘Bigg Boss 8’ Day 11: Sonali Raut re-enters BB House and how!

‘Bigg Boss 8’ Day 11: Sonali Raut re-enters BB House and how!

The day begins with Diandra whispering bad words about Gautam’s action the previous night, with Upen. Later, we see Gautam and Diandra pulling each other’s leg. Soni tells Puneet and Praneet about everyone’s collective decision to boycott Gautam.

At the breakfast table, Deepshika, Karishma and a few others order Praneet to make tea for them. Praneet accepts their order calmly and indulges in a hush-hush talk with Puneet while doing the work. He tells Puneet that when the right time comes, he will make them all make 50 cups of tea a day. (remember, Praneet and Gautam are supposed to work and live like a servant in BB house)

BB makes an announcement to begin the nominations process. One by one, all contestants, excluding Gautam, visit the confession room to cast their votes.

After voting process gets over, BB reveals that the names of inmates who have been nominated for eviction for the week. Their names are:

Gautam (14 votes)

Sukirti (as per Sonali’s exit voting right)

Praneet (9 votes)

The most shocking moment of the day comes with the unexpected arrival of Sonali Raut. She enters the house as per BB’s command and goes straight inside the confession room. She gets a warm welcome from BB and gets back to greet other housemates.

Most of the contestants start murmuring about Sonali’s re-entry and take digs at her.

She goes to have a private talk with Gautam and assures him that he won’t be eliminated.

Sonali meets with the contestants and tells them that she is back after watching 2 episodes of the show. Later, we see her commenting on everyone’s performance in the Hijack Task while sitting amongst Karishma, Upen, Puneet and Pritam.

Sonali talks about Gautam’s ultimate performance in the task and comments on Pritam’s weak leadership. She also speaks about Karishma’s anger during the task in a roundabout manner. Karishma gets miffed with Sonali’s talk and leaves the place. She goes inside the bedroom and begins badmouthing Sonali with Deepshika, Sushant, Arya and Diandra. All of them collectively make fun of her as if for them she was uttering only non-sense.

Now that Sonali is back after catching a few episodes, we wonder how well she is going to play the game. This re-entry is her second chance in BB, but will survival get worse for her or will she use it or her advantage this time? Let’s wait and watch.