Bigg Boss 8 Contestants – Amisha Patel would not be its participant

Bigg Boss 8 Contestants – Amisha Patel would not be its participant

After varied rumors of participating inBigg Boss 8 Ameesha Patel get furious and stated clearly on Twitter about that she is not going to participate in Bigg Boss season 8.

Amisha Would not participate in Bigg boss 8 Contestants

She stated her point very clearly about the participation of Bigg Boss 8 and twitted:

4 all those free people who have nothing betr to do than to spread rumors.I’m not gonna b in bigg boss 8 9 10 11 12 or any big boss.

From her tweet it is been clear to all that she is really get annoyed with all this speculation of her participation in Bigg Boss Season 8.

She also told people to target someone else through the popular site.

I suggest u target someone else.Desi Magic work is gng on n we will come soon with the teaser..we don’t owe u explanations of our work

The rumors were also surfaced in 2013 also and that time Ameesha had declined them. According to sources it was rumuored that Ameesha would come on small screens only if she is offered something “respectable like Bachachan Sahab”.

Let you know that she is currently working on another project means on a movie ‘Desi Magic’, and teaser of that is supposed to coming soon according her post. Now let’s wait and watch; which magic will win the hearts of viewers? Will the wand of ‘Desi Magic’ be successful on box office or not? Now we all are exited to know the finalized list of Bigg boss 8 contestants and also eagerly waiting to watch the most interesting and entertaining reality show Bigg boss 8.