Bigg Boss 8: Are inmates deliberately picking up on Gautam?

Bigg Boss 8: Are inmates deliberately picking up on Gautam?

Sonali Raut’s entry has created quite a furor in the house. Soon after her entry, we saw Gautam to be the only one celebrating her entry. While all others have almost shunned Gautam because of his comment on Karishma, the actor can’t fit in with others and hence, we think his only solace is Sonali as she was not part of the ‘wrong’ happenings.

Firstly, misunderstanding happened between Sukirti and Gautam and things heat up there. Arya gets furious and says Gautam can’t keep on insulting women in front of everybody. And when he goes with all the members, Gautam loses control and shouts that he is repenting and he is sorry for that and all members can’t blame him always.

To this, Arya includes that once he was singing for someone a few days back (hinting Diandra) and then he sings the same song for someone else (Sonali). Now, both Diandra and Sonali takes offence and say Arya can’t name them and point out.

Do you think Gautam is somewhere playing a game by creating misunderstandings between other inmates? Or do you think inmates are unnecessarily picking up on him with petty things?

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