Rohan Mehra loses his cool in the Bigg Boss house and gets severe punishment!

Rohan Mehra loses his cool in the Bigg Boss house and gets severe punishment!

After facing a dreadful situation that Swami Om puts the housemates into, contestants wake up on an energetic note dancing to the tunes of ‘Ooo La la la’. Much excited to see Manveer as one of the contenders of captaincy, Swami Om already declares him the winner. Agitated with Om Swami for his unjust behavior during the luxury budget task, Manu and Manveer advice him to stop making tall claims and to play a fair game. Meanwhile, while having an intense conversation, Manu advices Mona to get married to her boyfriend as soon as she gets out of the Bigg Boss house. As the day progresses, Gaurav also makes a few attempts to have a conversation with Bani after having a major fight the previous night. But still upset about their differences, Bani gives Gaurav a cold shoulder. On the other hand, she is seen mingling with Manveer and Manu and speaking her heart out.

In the evening, Bigg Boss finally announces the captaincy task wherein Manveer and Rohan compete to become the next captain of the house. A mud bed is placed in the garden area and Rohan and Manveer are allotted two different set of flowers – Rohan (purple) and Manveer (Pink). After the buzzer rings, Manveer and Rohan have to plant the flowers on the mud bed and cover it completely with their respective share of flowers. They are given two hours to complete the task and Bani is made the sanchalika of the task. Initially, Manveer and Rohan play fair by planting all the flowers but the game gets intense as soon as Bigg Boss announces that they have only 10 minutes at their disposal. They start plucking and throwing each other’s flowers in order to reach a fair conclusion.

Defying the rules of the game, Swami Om barges in and starts displacing Rohan’s flowers. Gaurav makes a quick move and tries to stop Swami Om but he once again breaks out and starts damaging Rohan’s flowers. Gaurav loses his temper and rebukes Swami Om for breaking the rules. But he turns a deaf ear to Gaurav and starts passing personal comments involving his personal life, friends and family. They both have a yelling match as Gaurav gets furious and gives an earful to Swami Om. Manu tries to intervene and take control over the situation by holding Swami Om aside so that Bani could complete her counting process and declare the winner. But just when the situation seems to have normalized, Rohan gets physical with Swami Om and pushes him as their fight takes an ugly turn.

Soon after, Bigg Boss asks all the housemates to gather in the living area and expresses extreme disappointment in Rohan’s behavior. He gives Rohan a harsh punishment by nominating him for the entire season. Upset about Bigg Boss’s decision, Rohan throws away his mic and locks himself in the washroom. He tells Bigg Boss that he will either stay inside the washroom for the rest of the season or will leave the house. After being called twice in the confession room, Rohan finally decides to talk to Bigg Boss but leaves the conversation halfway and locks himself inside the washroom again. Lopa tries very hard to bring him out but Rohan is adamant about his decision and stays inside. Bigg Boss gives a last warning to Rohan that if he doesn’t come out of the washroom then they have to take some action against him.

Will Rohan leave the Bigg Boss house midway?