Bigg Boss 10 Day 95: Bani throws cold water on Lopa & Manveer proves why he is a winner!

Bigg Boss 10 Day 95: Bani throws cold water on Lopa & Manveer proves why he is a winner!

With only few days left for the finale, Bigg Boss is leaving no stone unturned to test the patience of the gharwale and in one such event, Bigg Boss introduces a mammoth task that will directly affect the last nomination of the house.

As part of the task, the gharwale are divided into two teams: Team Manu consisting of Lopa and Manveer and Team Rohan consisting of Bani and Mona and whichever team wins will get a special power to save themselves from the nominations. As the task begins, Team Manu is tied by a bungee cord and after being tied to it, Team Manu needs to hold onto the red button on the stand. While the cord will keep pulling them behind but the struggle is to keep one of their hands on the stand. However, the opposition team needs to constantly contrive to make sure that they leave their hand from the red button.

From pouring cold water to sawdust to oil and foam, Bani and Rohan try everything to disturb Team Manu and lower their morale. In one such attempt, while Bani is pouring oil on their hand, Manu, unknowingly, removes his hand from the red button. As Bani is trying hard to irritate Lopa, the latter gets aggressive and tries to push away Bani. Well, seems like Lopa’s aggression works against her and her hand leaves the red button. Hard luck, babe!

But hats off to Manveer, and his sense of courage because he plays the game with full spirit and holds on to the red button till the end. At the end of the day, Manveer successfully holds onto the button and comes out as a winner. But we can only imagine what will happen tomorrow when Rohan’s team will undergo the torture at the handsof Team Manu. While Manu was seen telling his team that he will do everything possible to defeat Team Rohan, Bani and Rohan decide to hide oil, ice-trays and other such things so that Team Manu is left withless options to irritate Team Rohan.

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